Kelowna REALTORS®: Nyrose & Associates

Darcy Nyrose and his wife, Shauna, chose to move to Kelowna in 2008 because it offered their dream lifestyle for raising their growing family.

In his heart, he knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur. And so, it was time to begin another dream: Nyrose & Associates.  

While the timing to get started in the Kelowna real estate market wasn’t great, his tenacious spirit and unfailing drive led him to success that year, despite the economic downturn. He got up everyday and went to work. He met with developers, listened to people and learned what made each individual neighbourhood special.

Through his extensive experience in residential developments in Vancouver, Darcy knew the importance of working with a team and has set out to create a top team of Kelowna Realtors®.

He has hand-selected real estate agents who compliment each other and believe in his vision.

And it worked!  That first year in Kelowna, his team became a top performing team in Canada for Coldwell Banker. Every since, Nyrose & Associates continues to be one of the top 10 teams in Canada for Coldwell Banker.

Meet Your Top Kelowna Real Estate Team: