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Thinking of buying a home in Kelowna? First time buyer and new to the real estate market? Downsizing? Have you had your eyes on a new townhome? Well then you are making a fantastic choice; let us tell you why!

Most people have the misconception that a townhome is a magnified condo, but they are most definitely wrong. Not only do townhomes provide you with a chance to enter the real estate market, they are a happy medium between the cost of owning a single-family home while providing some of the space and privacy not found with a condo.

5 Reasons why you should own a Townhome

#1 – No Up Keep

Owning a Townhome versus a Single-Family Home will give you more time to yourself, and who doesn’t want more time in Kelowna in the Summer? Owning a townhome means having a strata and having a strata means you won’t have to shovel the drive, cut the grass, plant flowers or shrubs, and not having to do all these chores gives you more family and play time.

#2 – Potential Cost Savings

Another positive reason for buying a townhome is it usually requires less upfront cash, and that is something that is definitely alluring to many home buyers. Not only do townhomes commonly cost less in regards to sale price versus buying a single family home; they can also cost less to maintain. For example, sharing walls with your neighbours can help keep down the costs of heating in the cold Kelowna Winter months, which can lead to a significant savings over the year.

#3 –  Feeling of a Single Home

Typically a townhome has a private entrance, so you can enjoy the feel and look of a single detached home. Not having a common entrance shared with others is what distinguishes it from feeling like a Condo, and more like your own private house. Finding a townhome to match your distinct style is attainable as townhomes come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

#4 –  Best of Both Worlds

House Living, Condo Convenience!  A townhome can be a great choice between a single family home and a condo since it has some pluses of both. Consider this:

  • You’ll have your own space with more free time since you won’t need to maintain the exterior;
  • Your smaller backyard will be more like a retreat with just enough space for a small garden or deck for barbecue season;

#5 – Community

Townhomes also make for a great sense of community. If looking to borrow an egg or a cup of flour, many options to ask are only a few short steps away. Security of having more people watching out for you and your property is also a very appealing factor when deciding where you should reside.

Your neighbours will be close if needed, but not too close if not wanted… the nice thing is you can always choose your level of engagement in your community.

Ready to take the step to owning your very own Townhome? Apex At the Lakes is a perfect opportunity to get into your own private Lake Country Community.  APEX at the Lakes is elevated and innovative living at its finest. For all the details in being a part of living in Lake Country’s Master Planned Community, THE LAKES view our website and contact us today at    250-575-1946 or


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