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Back in the early 1900’s the term REALTOR® was coined.

The anecdotal history is that there was an increase of new people arriving in North America looking to buy land. Sales agents had already been providing real estate services, but as with many things, there were some bad apples in the mix.

Imagine if as soon as you had arrived here you were met by a person claiming to have land for sale, but they didn’t actually own or represent the land… That’s what was happening and those who were trying to sell land that didn’t actually exist earned the title “land shark”.

So, there needed to be a way to differentiate the legitimate agent from a land shark.  


Kelowna Realtor Darcy Nyrose

Real Estate salespeople started to work together and began forming boards.  It was a real estate board that came up with the term REALTOR® as a way to designate the professionals in the field.

Logos, offices and agent photographs started to pop up. This was to help buyers know they were dealing with a legitimate agent.  After all, a fraud isn’t likely to use his or her picture or name because they won’t want to be later identified.  Real REALTORS®  started to use their photographs in their ads so when they met potential buyers and sellers, they could be easily recognized.
Kelowna Real Estate SOLD

The tradition of using REALTOR® logos & photographs has continued.

On a very basic level, if you see our photographs on our website, social media, advertisements or business cards and you call us up to meet, you will be able to immediately recognize us because you know what we look like.  If you invite us to your home to do a price evaluation, you won’t let the wrong person in. It’s about recognition and legitimacy.  

And here’s what these early REALTORS® found out, and what we still experience today: a picture also helps build a connection.

People connect with people. While you aren’t likely to pick your REALTOR® based on their picture alone, as you do your research you will start to make connections.  And seeing a picture, helps you know you’re dealing with a real person (not just a website).

We don’t simply use our photographs in our advertisements because it’s “what’s always been done”.  We want you to get a sense of who we are and we believe a picture is an excellent way to start that.

Our Team’s New Photos

nyrose and associates

We just got new photographs taken and you will start to see them around town and the world-wide-web.

While our pictures might be new, we’re still the same Nyrose & Associates team that absolutely loves getting out into the community to help people with their real estate needs.

What you see IS what you get.  Professional. Experienced. Friendly. Fun.

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