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10 years!  Wow. Just typing that seems a bit surreal.  I could wax on about time. You know, about how fast time flies, especially when you’re having fun.  And, it’s all true. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since starting what has grown to be the Nyrose & Associates we know and love.  At the same time, it really has gone by quickly. But, that’s how time works, isn’t it?

So, how do we measure the last 10 years?  I suppose we could measure it in dollars or the number of deals we’ve closed.  We’re proud of every single deal and accomplishment, but what continues to move us forward isn’t the numbers.  It’s the relationships we’ve built and the stories we’ve been a part of that put the “real” in real estate for our team.

We started small, in a brand new city, right as the market was starting to turn downward.  I’ve said it often, but it really was a terrible time to be starting a real estate business in Kelowna.  And, I don’t dream small. I had a vision and I am so glad I experienced and persevered through those early years because it helped build the foundation for our team today. I love how we’ve grown.

So Much Has Changed…

There are more people, more houses, and more new neighbourhoods than when I moved here.  Even more-so, Kelowna has ‘grown up’, if you will.

Kelowna General Hospital and Access To Health Care – I’m thrilled to see such significant positive growth in the healthcare industry here in Kelowna.  Kelowna General Hospital has grown in size and service.  We now have a Clinical Academic Campus Building in affiliation with UBC. Plus, the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre opened in 2015, allowing heart surgeries to take place in the Okanagan.

Nyrose & Associates is a proud supporter of the KGH Foundation, currently fundraising for JoeAnna’s House. JoeAnna’s House will provide home-away-from-home accommodations for family members of loved ones undergoing treatment or a hospital stay at KGH.  

UBC-Okanagan & Okanagan College – UBC’s Okanagan Campus offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of sought-after disciplines.  The campus, buildings and amenities continue to grow. UBC-O is home to approximately 9,000 students.

Technology – The economic impact of the tech sector in the Okanagan continues to grow at an accelerated pace.  Kelowna is a haven for tech startups along with anchor companies that have experienced significant growth.  Just look at the growth of the buildings that house many of Kelowna’s tech companies!  Landmark Centre is a hub for the industry. When Landmark VI opened in 2012, it was the tallest building in Kelowna!  Technology growth has continued in the Okanagan and the brand new Innovation Centre has brought an increase in technology companies to downtown Kelowna.

Aviation – KF Aerospace, formally Kelowna Flightcraft, is a leader in the aerospace industry and is headquartered here in Kelowna. KF Aerospace and smaller aviation companies, have put Kelowna on the map for this industry. Plus, just consider the growth of the Kelowna Airport!  It has changed so much since we moved here 10-years ago. 

Tourism – Long before my time, Kelowna has always been a mecca for tourism.  Our pleasant weather, Okanagan Lake, and the surrounding mountains make us a four-season vacation playground for tourists from near and far.  Even in the past ten years, I have seen a change in this sector. For example, the quick growth of the Okanagan wine industry has grown to include craft breweries, cideries and craft spirits. It’s been fun to watch (and experience) this growth!

Here’s How Our Real Estate Market Has Changed…

Prince of a Single Family Home
Average Price of a Single-Family Home*:
April 2008 – $596,875
Feb. 2009 – $446,919
April 2018 – $776,914

Average Price of a Townhome*:
April 2008 – $411,851
Dec 2008 – $316,967
April 2018 $492,929
Price of a Townhome
Price of a Condo
Average Price of a Condo*:
April 2008 – $287,819
Dec 2011 $198,248
April 2018 362,600
*all stats based on numbers from OMREB for Central Okanagan

Ok, So Even I Have Changed…

When I moved here, I had big dreams to build a successful real estate business. My goal was to provide excellent real estate services to buyers, sellers and developers.  I was excited, passionate and eager to work hard and build a team.  That hasn’t changed!  As Nyrose & Associates has ‘grown up’, so has my family.

Nyrose Family - back then

Here’s a picture of my family around the time we moved here. Shauna and I were excited for the opportunity to raise them here in Kelowna.

Nyrose Family - 2018

And here we are now… growing up quickly and thoroughly enjoying the way of life here in Kelowna.

I’ve had a few REALTOR® headshots over the years, but I don’t think I’ve changed that much. 


Ten years later, I think I’m still the fun & friendly guy my clients tell me I am; I just have more “experience”.  

Darcy Nyrose

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same…

It’s fun to see how things have changed over the last 10 years.  Kelowna has a different city-vibe than it did when I first moved here. But, I love it just as much.

I’m proud to have been a part of the growth of new Kelowna communities and to have had the opportunity to work with so many buyers and sellers.

While so much has grown around us, the foundation at Nyrose & Associates has remained constant.  Our team prides itself on providing a fresh approach to real estate.  What does that mean?  Well, it means the same thing today as it did ten years ago.  In addition to our years of experience and industry knowledge, we strive to ensure your experience is filled with friendliness, fun and understanding.  And, with our team approach to real estate, we’re able to really ensure you feel like you’re always being looked after.  At the end of the day, we want your experience to feel refreshing.

These first 10 years have been a blast. Thanks for being a part of the ride!  It’s been fun to look back.  Just as I did ten years ago when Nyrose & Associates began, I love to look forward.  I’m excited to see what the next ten years has in store for us. And, we’re all ready to work just a hard.


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