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Meet Nehemiah Daehn

Born in Vernon but raised in the USA,  Nehemiah recently moved back home to Canada to where he truly belongs. From the beginning of his real estate career, Nehemiah has thrown himself into real estate to help his clients achieve their goals.  The best of both worlds, Nehemiah has an easygoing and go-getter personality which makes him the perfect choice for first-time home buyers and all his real estate clients. He brings a fresh perspective to the office and a couple of good jokes from time to time too.

While in the US, Nehemiah went to college to study history - this academic interest carries forward to benefit his clients. He continues to educate himself on the history of real estate, neighbourhoods, areas and homes.  After moving back to Canada, Nehemiah found love while rock climbing in the Rocky Mountains.  Nehemiah and Kellyane are expecting their first child in June 2022!

Growing Passions

Before becoming a realtor, Nehemiah had a business painting homes. Studying the homes inside and out, he decided it was time to start selling rather than painting. Need some touchups done before you sell? He’s the guy to call!

Adventurous Nature

Nehemiah is an outdoorsman. He loves anything to do with sports/outdoor activities. He is a fantastic rock climber and often uses his downtime to go on climbing trips. Additionally, he has run multiple marathons.

The Okanagan lakes often support Nehemiah as he sails. He is a member of the Kelowna Yacht Club and loves being involved there!

Building Relationships

Nehemiah works with all buyers but has found a unique passion for helping younger couples find their first home. He knows what the process is like and wants to help buyers and sellers succeed!

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