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It's Smart to List Your Home in the Winter

The weather is turning and winter is on its way. Typically, at this time of year people are busy thinking about decorating their home for the holidays, not decluttering it for a real estate sale. But, if you've been thinking about making a move, there are many advantages to listing your home in the winter. In fact, it's a myth that spring is the best time to list your home. 

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home in Winter

1. Less Competition

Less inventory means less competition. Historically, listing inventory decreases in the winter. Couple this with the fact that it's still a seller's market, meaning buyers are outpacing available homes, and THIS WINTER makes it an ideal time to sell.

Why does less competition matter? Less inventory in your neighbourhood, on your street, in your price range or your product type means that not only will your home stand out, but there will be fewer options for your potential buyers to choose from. 

2. Current Market Conditions

The Kelowna real estate market has had low inventory all year, and this winter looks to be no different. So with the typical seasonal decrease in inventory and our current market conditions, it is a great time to take advantage of the current market conditions. 

3. Buyers are Motivated 

Generally, winter-buyers are motivated to move. Whether it is a job change that is bringing them to the area or a life change, there is generally a reason why they are out house hunting in the winter. While it's true that there are less buyers out there in the winter, this year is a little bit different. With such low levels of inventory throughout 2021, many buyers continued to miss out on homes (due to homes selling fast and/or being outbid on offers). Buyer-fatigue was a real thing - but, many are still on the hunt.

In addition, we're seeing many out-of-town and investor buyers out right now. While they have the luxury of time on their side (perhaps they don't need to move right NOW), they're still on the lookout for their next purchase.

4. It Doesn’t Snow Online 

The Internet is up and running 24/7 which means your home is always visible and viewable to potential buyers regardless of when you decide to list, the weather or how much snow is on the ground. With professional photography, video, and 3d virtual walkthrus, your home is able to get valuable exposure even in bad weather. 

Plus, many potential buyers are spending more time inside at home, browsing the Internet and dreaming of their next move.

5. Less Focus on Curb Appeal

Especially if there is snow on the ground, a nice advantage of listing in the winter is you can worry a little bit less about exterior curb appeal. Shovel the driveway, and de-ice the walkways but you can skip mowing the lawn, tending to the flower beds and keeping your landscaping in picture-perfect condition. Winter buyers understand that the real first impression will come once inside the front door. 

BONUS - #6. You Can Enjoy Kelowna’s Beautiful Spring & Summer in Your Next Home

When you sell and buy in the winter, chances are you’ve moved and settled into your new home by the time the warm and sunny days have come back. This gives you more time to enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle.



Seller Tip - There is no ‘best’ season to sell your home. Any time can be the right time when you’re ready to sell. When you utilize the services of a professional, experienced REALTOR®, they’ll be able to properly price your home for the current market.  

Are you considering selling? Get in Touch to Learn More About Why NOW might be the right time to list your home ... and how much it could sell for. 

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