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A house that sparkles on the surface can sell faster and for more money than one that looks in disrepair.

Buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home because if what they can see is well maintained, they assume that what they can’t see, has probably also been well maintained.

Before you take on too many repairs, let your professional REALTOR® help you decide what major repairs will be worthwhile. It’s important to look at the price and condition of other homes for sale in your price range and neighbourhood when deciding what home repair tasks you should complete to help your house sell. You can also get a home inspection by a qualified inspector before listing your home so you have a clear picture of issues that could come up. This way you can address them before you list your home.

How Much Should You Budget?

Don’t overspend! It’s important to make the repairs and touch-ups that will bring a positive return on your investment. Once again, this is why you should meet with an experienced REALTOR® to help you determine what projects will help with your sale. There is a big difference between making inexpensive touch-ups to your house (such as new knobs on cabinets or fresh paint on the walls) and doing extensive and costly renovations such as installing a new kitchen or flooring.

Maximizing Your Curb Appeal

The outside of your home and your front yard will be the first thing a potential buyer will see when they drive up to your home. If your home’s exterior looks maintained and inviting, they’ll be more excited to see what’s on the inside.

Curb Appeal Checklist:

  • Keep the lawn edged, cut and watered. Same goes for hedges and other shrubs
  • Be sure your front door area has a “Welcome” feeling. That may mean a new coat of paint on the front door
  • In spring and summer, put out some bright flower pots
  • Clear snow and ice in the winter
  • Check foundation, steps, walkways, walls and patios for cracks and deterioration, and fix any problem areas
  • Remove and repaint any peeling paint on doors and windows
  • Clean and align gutters
  • Inspect and clean the chimney
  • Repair and replace loose or damaged roof shingles
  • Repair and repaint loose siding and caulking
  • Reseal old asphalt
  • Keep the garage door closed
  • Store RVs and old cars elsewhere while the house is on the market
  • Move garbage containers out of sight
  • Put away garden hoses, tools, toys and bikes
  • Remove pool toys, skimmers and pool cleaners

Maximizing Your Interior Appeal

You want your home to look as spacious, bright and clean as possible. We know it’s currently ‘your home’ but if your potential buyers can imagine it as ‘their home’, it will be an easier sell.

Interior Home Preparation Checklist:

  • Give every room in the house a thorough cleaning and remove all clutter. This alone will make your house appear bigger and brighter. Rent a storage locker if you have too much stuff.
  • Use a professional cleaning service while the house is on the market.
  • Remove items you don’t use often from rooms, closets and cupboards- you have to pack it all up eventually!
  • Make sure table tops, dressers and closets are free of clutter.
  • Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms: they should look as modern, bright and fresh as possible. It is essential for them to be clean and odour free.
  • Repair dripping faucets and showerheads.
  • Buy new towels for the bathroom and put them out for showings.
  • Spruce up a kitchen in need of more major remodelling by installing new curtains and cabinet knobs, or applying a fresh coat of neutral paint.
  • Consider repainting walls with a neutral shade of paint, such as white, off-white, beige or grey. Fresh paint instantly makes a home look brighter.
  • Check for cracks, leaks and signs of dampness in the attic and basement, and fix any problem areas.
  • Seal basement walls if there are any signs of dampness or leakage.
  • Repair cracks, holes or damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, paint and tiles.
  • Replace broken or cracked window-panes, mouldings and other woodwork.
  • Replace broken drawer-pulls, cabinet knobs and door hardware.
  • Carpet and flooring do not always age gracefully. While you may be advised to leave this and price your home appropriately, should your REALTOR® advise you to make an update to your flooring, select a material that is visually appealing and neutral.

If you’re thinking of selling, your first step is to call an experienced Kelowna Real Estate Agent.

We can take a look at your house and help you create your to-do list. Let’s make your house look it’s best, without spending money on things that won’t pay off. The experienced team at Nyrose & Associates will be with you every step of the way. – Darcy Nyrose

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