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How to Choose the Right Realtor?

How do you know which REALTOR is the right fit for you? With so many realtors in Kelowna, chances are you know a few, or have friends or family that know a few. Choosing a realtor can make for an excruciating decision. And, just because a realtor worked well with your neighbour (or your best friend, or your great aunt Karen), that doesn't necessarily mean she or he will be the one for you. So, what should you look for in a REALTOR? How do you know when it's right?

From personality to specializations, there's a lot to think about. Watch as Darcy Nyrose talks about how to choose the right REALTOR.

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We Call It Realtor Matchmaking

Real estate is often referred to as matchmaking. Matching the perfect house with a buyer, or matching a buyer with a seller. We take matchmaking one step further. We match you with the right REALTOR from our team, too. The Kelowna Realtors at Nyrose & Associates were hand-picked to complement one another so you can rest-assured, at least one member of our team will be the perfect match for you. As a team, we offer unparalleled experience, knowledge, dedication and passion. All things that will make your real estate transaction as seamless as possible.

Choosing a Realtor - Key Factors To Consider:

Connection - Sometimes you just connect with someone. Their energy and vibe meshes well with yours. You feel good around them. You like spending time with them. You trust them.

Personality - You'll be spending a lot of time with your REALTOR so it's important you choose one that has the right personality for you. Are you looking for someone to match your own personality? Complement yours? Or, be different from you? Are you looking for someone who can allow you to take the lead? Or are you looking for someone who will listen to what you want/need and make things happen. We all have different expectations for the people around us, and so it is important you are getting what you need from your real estate relationship.

Communication Preferences - There are a lot of ways to communicate these days: email, telephone, texting, messenger, in-person meetings etc. Do you prefer a quick text or would you rather a more explanatory and detailed email? Would you like someone who will meet with you regularly or is a phone call update more in line with your communication style? It's important to think about how you like to be communicated with and how often. While it's easy for us to adapt our communication to meet your needs, this is one consideration when recommending a team REALTOR. Our team REALTORS are great communicators - but they have different styles. We can recommend the one who best matches yours.

Negotiation Tactics - The negotiation process can be stressful. And, while every REALTOR's negotiation tactics are different, the common thread is getting you the best contract possible... for you. What's most important to you when it comes to negotiating? We can use this to ensure you'll feel most confident at the negotiation table.

Market Knowledge & Specializations - Google 'how to choose a realtor?', and 'market knowledge' will come up high on any list. But that should go without saying, right? You want a REALTOR who knows what they are doing, knows the current market and get can get you what you need (the right price, the right home etc.).

We take the notion of market knowledge a few steps further. Our team members have unique interests and specializations that range from neighourhoods to property types to buyer types. From first time home buyers to retirees, from Lumby, Coldstream and Lake Country, right through to Peachland (and beyond), we have a specialist who is right for you.

Would you like us to play Realtor matchmaker for you? Get in touch and we'll find you the PERFECT MATCH.



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