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How To Decorate For The Holidays

The holidays don’t have to be a bad time to sell. In fact, because the Internet means your home is visible all the time, regardless of the holiday or time of day, any time is a good time to sell. In fact, buyers who are looking over the holidays are generally more serious.

So, how do you keep your home looking show-ready and appealing to buyers while bringing in some holiday cheer? 

9 Tips To Holiday Decorating Tips For Home Sellers

  1. Decorations should fit the style of the home - Both outside and inside, consider your home's style and decorate accordingly. This way, the holiday decor acts as an extension of your home's look. So, rather than looking out of place, it compliments the home.
  2. Use greenery - Greenery is tasteful. It is also modern and traditional at the same time. Well placed greenery on a table or mantle is a great way to add the spirit of the season into your home.
  3. Don’t over decorate the exterior of the home - Consider how your neighbourhood decorates for the holidays, so your home fits in, but even if your entire street goes over-the-top in true Griswold fashion, keep your home's outdoor decor understated. A string of lights to accentuate your home's angles and roofline can look beautiful and festive.
  4. Clean up around the tree - If you choose to put up a real Christmas tree, ensure you clean up the loose needles before every showing. Fake or real, try and ensure any light cords do not pose a tripping hazard, too.
  5. Choose colours carefully - If you've always wanted to colour coordinate your Christmas decorations, this is a good time to do it! When decorating your home for the holidays while your home is for sale, choosing colors that compliment your home's current colour-palette is ideal. Or, consider going classic with a white and gold or white and silver colour scheme.
  6. Avoid the kitsch - Sellling your home is not the time to bring out Elf on the shelf, blow up snowmen for the yard and all your various other kitschy decor.
  7. Don’t take up a lot of floorspace - The goal when staging a home for sale is to maximize your space. When choosing a tree, choose something that is small and won't take up a lot of space.
  8. Don’t display Christmas cards - When selling a home, you will often be told to remove personal items so your potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. The same goes for your Christmas card display. This is not the time to keep out all the holiday cards from your family and friends.
  9. Keep the presents out of sight - Ah! There's something special about a tree with presents. But, when a home is for sale, it's best to keep the presents out of sight. Not only do they add clutter, but the wrapping could get ripped, or even worse, a present could get taken.


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